Starting using computer when I was a child, I have grown up with technology. It has always been an deep interest for me, a source of inspiration and a tool to imagine, experiment and create. Today, the logic behind a machine is something I feel very confortable with, and I feel very familliar with all kind of electronic device and software interface.

I developed my creativity not only with digital tools, I also like to use traditional material and medium (paper, glue, paint etc.). When I was young I spent a lot of my spare time making handmade model and different kind of objects.




I studied architecture in Paris Val de Seine and I graduated in 2009. There I learnt how to experiment, find and develop ideas in order to produce a project of architecture. For that, I learnt how to use different medium and tools: CAD, 3d, handmade model, drawing, painting, writting, etc.

To generate new idea, I believes the best way is by doing many experimentation and research. A tool, a material or a nice landscape can inspire me a lot so I go deeper into it by testing, trying and learning about it. New concept can comes from those experimentation, this is what I learnt at school.

The more I learn, the more I feel and understand the world. Studying architecture gave me a new vision of the environment I live in, an other way to look at what we have around us and get inspiration from it.




In 2006/2007, I spent one year in Canada at the Laval University, there I studied virtual architecture and realtime 3d among an experimental workshop. It was my first time with computer programming, a real discover. Indeed I realised that programming language can be used not only to support technical task, but also for artistic, design and even architecture purpose.

Today’s computer and software are able to edit picture, video, 3d, using external device like video camera, micro-controller and sensor. All together, it’s now possible to build an entire new world where technology takes place all around us.

Video mapping, interactive installation, generative art, all those discipline comes from experimentation with computer. I was curious to know more about this way of using a computer, I finally dive into the world of programming and learn about all those artist, architect, musician and designer who use computer language as a creative tool.




Since my childhood, I have always been listening a lot of music, from early jazz pioneer to today’s electronic music producer, all kind of style and artist is a source of inspiration and a way to travel with imagination.

I feel like every sound in our world might be translated into visual abstraction, this is why there is always a strong relation between visual and music in my work. Indeed, sound can express a color, a form, a mouvement, a feeling etc. Music is a huge source of inspiration for anything I produce.

Very found of live music and as well as live visual, I started programming my own visual mixer and effect in order to perfectly match my need for live perfomance. I'm now playing as a VJ in several music events and still trying to improve my style and the tool I use.




After I graduated, I worked for different architecture companies. There I learnt a lot how to work with professional methods, being organised, develop relation with all project’s partner.

I participated on different architecture competition, interior design rpojects and the creation of an office management system.




Today, I work as a fulltime visual artist and creative coder and I own CloneProduction.