For the second time, I’ve been part of the Kazantip vj team, for ten days, we rocked the massive LED screens at one of the biggest and craziest electronic music festival in east Europe.

The team is composed of : Jago from Poland, E.Gruppe from Germany, Mr Vux from France, Devon Miles from Germany, Amoeba from the UK, Antokhio and EPS from Russia as well as myself, clone, from France.

This not often I can have live visual of this quality in front of me, and being part of this is for me a real honor. Everyone has different style and different approach with their visuals, technicaly and artistically, but the common point is the passion and the energy putted into their work to make it unique.

I have the feeling to be part of something and this video is dedicated to us, Kazantip’s VJ.

This is true VJ here, true live visual, true art, enjoy.