With all those amazing new TextureFX in VVVV and before DX9 become something from the past, I wanted to share this effect I made recently.


This time I can’t really explain how I found it because it’s all about experimentation… but anyway, I thought it was worth putting it in the contribution. Indeed, it may gives some ideas for those who likes to play with pixel shaders and real time effects in general.


Big thanks to unc once again, for this amazing library which gives us a lot of new way to use vvvv, and thanks to vux as well who just opened a new world of experimentation with DX11.


[button link=’’ size=’medium’ color=’#8E009C’ target=’blank’]Download it here[/button]

[button link=’’ size=’medium’ color=’#8E009C’ target=’blank’]Original project page[/button]