In February 2013, NODE13 festival took place in Frankfurt in Germany. I was invited to do a workshop with Gareth Griffith from Uberact London and we talked about how to use Kinect with vvvv. Lots of great creative coder were there, to name just a few of the guy I really admire : Memo Atken, Julien Vulliet (Vux), Aristide Garcia (Lasal), David Morasz (Microdee), Patrick Jost (Elektromeier) and many others. I also was invited to do a quick talk about the TextureFX library in vvvv, started by UNC from Quite demogroup, I contributed with few pixel shaders to fade texture, create hatch effect, etc. The Festival ended at Hafen2 nightclub where I played some live visuals on one of the most amazing setup I’ve seen. This festival was really a great time, I will never forget it.


Thanks to all the guy I met at NODE, all the guys I missed and all the people who organised that so well.