Spectral Kinect is the result of heavy cooking with pixel shaders and particle system.


The recipe

Start by adding the vux’s Kinect Skeleton plugin.

Add some Ciant Particles system by the mighty Martin Zrcek and mix them together.

Take some of unc’s texture FX(as usual), add them to the previous preparation and play with it.

Finally mix everything with lots of late nights experimenting, tweaking and fun using your favorite Multipurpose Toolkit and that’s it !

You’ve got the Spectral Kinect !


The idea

If there is someone in front of the Kinect (sadely only one…) the spray/ball will transform into the Spectral and you can control it with your Kinect.

Then, if there is nobody, the Spectral will transform back into the spray/ball and move around.

If you don’t have a Kinect, you can toggle the default position to see how it looks anyway.

[button link=’http://www.flickr.com/photos/cloneproduction/sets/72157631903128574/’ size=’large’ color=’#8E009C’ target=’blank’]Research steps can be seen here[/button]


I’d like to thanks a lot, all those guys who makes plugin and effects, because without them, it wouldn’t be possible to do that with vvvv.

[button link=’https://vvvv.org/contribution/spectral-kinect’ size=’large’ color=’#8E009C’ target=’blank’]Download it here[/button]